Ahad, September 13


You have a very stable personality!

You are happiest when your life plans have been 'cast in iron'. You're convinced that it's possible to achieve harmony and peace of mind without changing anything, and that changes simply stress you out. You are very attentive, but sometimes you can miss important details which might help you see the bigger picture.

You have the ability to pay attention to your feelings, and know the difference between your needs and your desires. You have a fairly stable opinion of yourself. You know what your strong points are, you respect yourself and no how to show off your positive qualities.

Stability for you means personal development and growth. The two most important things for you are consistency and planning. Sometimes you feel confusion and fear in the face of change, and prefer to avoid it if you can. On the other hand, when you face a situation you are familiar with, you handle it with an enviable degree of calm. You're responsible and carry out the things you promised to do. If you stop fighting with yourself, a fantastic career and the respect of those around you will be yours.

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